On November 9th 2022, in the middle of the strange period were you are not quite sure if it’s still fall, or if this is the winter, Laura and Anton chose to celebrate their love. They travelled all the way from Germany to beautiful Nusfjord in the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway.

The month of November can be very unpredictable up north. The days are noticeably shorter, the air is cool and crisp, and the weather can range from storms and blizzards one day to clear blue skies the next. That’s why we kept a close eye on the weather forecasts during the days leading up to our departure. Luckily, after a long period of bad weather it suddenly cleared up, and Laura and Antons big day was showered in the most magically golden sun light. 

Laura and Anton got ready in their rorbu - together, but separated. Laura in one end of the little house and Anton in the other end. They could speak through the old wooden walls, but not see each other, saving the precious first look for later.

To make the most of the only 6 hours of daylight we chose to combine a portrait session and a cozy picnic lunch. A short hike took us to a picturesque viewpoint overlooking the ocean and the mountains. An emotional and personal ceremony was held, in German, back at the Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Before another little adventure in the wild Lofoten landscape during the blue hour until eventually it got completely dark. Laura and Anton ended their evening with a private 3- course dinner and outdoor spa under the northern light.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me on this beautiful adventure. I loved every minute together with you <3


Planner : Weddings by Emma, www.weddingsbyemma.no

Flowers : Berre & Torg, www.berretorg.no

Accommondation : Nusfjord Arctic Resort, www.nusfjordarcticresort.com

Photographer : LeneKristine, www.lenekristine.no